Helping you rebuild with trustworthy, accurate estimating for your loss.

Helping you rebuild with trustworthy, accurate estimating for your loss.

We’re serious about providing the tools you need to get what you deserve from your insurance claim.

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How we can help

Scope of Loss

We provide a detailed report to accurately reflect your expected rebuild costs.

Pre-disaster Estimates

We can create a rebuilding cost estimate you can use to be sure you have the proper amount of insurance coverage before a disaster strikes.

Resource Library

We have compiled a list of resources to help individuals and builders navigate the byzantine post-disaster world.

For Builders

Our free estimating tool is designed to be used by any contractor. A post-disaster estimate isn’t the same as a bid to build a home.

Lost your home?

If you’ve lost your home, you need to determine what it will cost to rebuild. We can provide you an accurate scope of loss report so you can be sure you obtain every penny of insurance coverage that you deserve.

If you’re a builder, we’ve created resources to help you you rebuild your community after a disaster.

For Builders

“I would not be where I am, insurance wise, without the report you generated.”

Mike H., Santa Rosa, CA.

“You’ve gone above and beyond. Just knowing you’re on our side makes this process a little easier. We’ll continue the fight!”

Patty G., Santa Rosa, CA.

“Without their help, we’d have been completely lost. Thank God that they were able to help us!”

Rosie A., Paradise, CA.

The Men Behind The Mission

Since 2017, Matt Everson and Bill Wallace of BW Builder have helped over 200 homeowners across California obtain the tools and knowledge they need to settle their insurance claims. To date, their scope of loss reports have been utilized to obtain over $80 million in additional coverage that insurance companies originally refused to payout.

Both men feel strongly that disaster survivors should not be subjected to further pain and suffering from the many unscrupulous folks seeking to capitalize on their tragic situation.

The $80 million in extra money obtained goes right back into the pockets of the insured. As they rebuild, it then goes into the communities which struggle so mightily after these wildfires. Their methods mean even more money stays with the folks who need it most – you and your community!

Let’s Rebuild Together
For Builders

Bill Wallace & Matt Everson

BW Builder – Owners/Operators

Photo Credit: The Press Democrat, Santa Rosa, CA.