Need an RCE? An Expert Witness? Or Scope of Loss report? BW Builder is here to help!

Helping you rebuild with trustworthy, accurate estimating for your loss.

Whether you need an RCE, a scope of loss report for your insurance claim, an expert witness, or a trustworthy general contractor –

BW Builder is here to help!

Book about defining the damages of a wildfire


Buy our book, Defining the Damages: The Builder’s Guide to Scope of Loss Reports, for a detailed guide to the insurance claim process after a disaster.

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Scope of Loss Reports

Obtaining a scope of loss report from a licensed builder, one which accurately reflects your rebuilding costs after a disaster, is the best way to prove your loss to an insurance company.

Replacement Cost Estimates

Have you recently received a non-renewal notice from your insurance company? Is the CA Fair Plan currently your only option? Many insurance companies require an insured to submit an RCE from a licensed builder. BW Builder provides an RCE that is the best in the industry. Tailored to your property and your local building costs.

General Contracting

Seeking a quality builder that will be able to complete your build on time and on budget?

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Expert Witness Consulting

The best data wins in litigation. If your law firm seeks rebuilding cost data to support litigation claims, our building estimates are compiled by an expert, licensed, California builder. It is presented in the same format insurance companies use to prove their contentions. Our data is backed by two decades of building expertise and designed to give your clients the evidence they need to win.

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We had a great experience with BW Builders. We used them because we needed an estimate of the house and other buildings we lost in the Glass fire. They helped us to rebuild these on paper, as difficult as it was for us at the time, they walked us through every step with so much help and made us feel so much better about the whole process. They do a fabulous job! This estimate helped us to get what we needed to rebuild our home and move forward in the healing process. Thank you again to their amaxing team!!!
Tim Hughes
Tim Hughes
They were very knowledgeable, professional and extremely helpful. I would highly recommend their services and I plan to use them again.
pete skikos
pete skikos
Bill and Matt know their stuff! I worked with them on a project and was so pleased with the result. Their knowledge of the process from start to finish was impressive. They are both great guys just looking to help.
Durling Digital
Durling Digital
BW Builder scope of loss report was very professional and the whole process was quick, easy and affordable. The scope of loss report saved me tens of thousands of dollars that the insurance company would not have otherwise paid me. Due to BW Builder's skillful estimating skills and presentation of facts of the current insurance codes and current pricing of labor and material costs, the insurance company accepted their report without any dispute! I was blessed to do business with BW Builder and I highly recommend them!
Rosie Apple Skeahan
Rosie Apple Skeahan
Working with BW builders has been a fantastic experience. Very professional and experienced. I highly recommend using BW builders to navigate any and all you building needs.
Mitchell Lehecka
Mitchell Lehecka
We were very happy with the work performed by the BW Builder crew. They were on time, on budget and passed inspections from the city of SR first time on every item! We definitely recommend BW Builder to anyone looking for an organized, competent, communicative GC!
Sarah Trejo
Sarah Trejo
Lost your home?

Need to determine what it will cost to rebuild. We provide the best scope of loss reports on the market! Maybe you need a licensed builder? Or an RCE? BW Builder is here to help!

  • Replacement Cost Estimate

  • General Contractor Sevices

  • Scope of Loss Book for Builders

If you’re a builder, we’ve created resources to help you you rebuild your community after a disaster.

For Builders

The Men Behind The Mission

Since 2017, Matt Everson and Bill Wallace of BW Builder have helped over 200 homeowners across California obtain the tools and knowledge they need to settle their insurance claims. To date, their scope of loss reports have been utilized to obtain over $100 million in additional coverage that insurance companies originally refused to payout.

They have now created over 400 RCEs to support Californians in understanding their true rebuilding costs and obtaining proper insurance coverage.

The insurance market in California is rapidly evolving. Balance the playing field with accurate data. Whether you need to prove your loss, obtain an RCE, or support your contentions in litigation, BW Builder’s provides the data you need to win!

For Builders

Bill Wallace & Matt Everson

BW Builder – Owners/Operators

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