Accurately reflect your expected rebuild costs.

Scope of Loss ReportOur detailed and accurate scope of loss reports are produced in either Xactimate® or our own proprietary estimation software. Whichever format you choose, you will have a document that is used to negotiate a better settlement. Our estimate, performed by a licensed CA builder, includes code upgrades, labor, materials, and trade details as well as documentation, white papers, and more describing the building environment of your local area.

Initially, we worked with United Policyholders to design a report that could be affordable and effective. Today, we continue to support their efforts. We have donated over $15,000 to their cause to date to their mission to educate people after disasters. Sales from the proceeds of our books also benefit their great organization.

We use up-to-date, local material and labor costs for your specific area. It is normal that after a disaster, strong inflationary pressures force prices up on materials and labor. For example, in Santa Rosa, between January and May of 2018, material costs rose 32% due to supply and demand caused by the October 2017 North Bay fires. From October 2020 through April 2021, lumber pricing doubled. For some reason, the software providers don’t seem to keep up with pricing increases. You can rest assured that our estimates do!
We often see insurance company estimates that do not account for demand surge pricing or code upgrade expenses. Our report will more accurately reflect those costs along with all your expected rebuild costs.

As we are paid a flat fee, you don’t have to worry we will inflate the costs in the estimate for our benefit. We have performed hundreds of hours of pro-bono work. We started all this to help Santa Rosa get back on its feet. And we continue that mission in all the other towns across California that have been hit hard by fires.

Our reports are compiled by a California licensed contractor who is has built homes most of his adult life and recently finished building his own residence in Santa Rosa. We can use Xactimate® software, a format insurance companies can understand, or our own proprietary software (BW Estimator) in order to properly reflect what it will cost to rebuild. Because we use a licensed contractor and our figures are accurate, insurance companies have made every effort to shoot holes in our numbers. Each and every time they have tried, they have failed to find a single reason why they cannot accept our reports.

This helps speed up your claims process and helps gets your money released faster, without the frustrations, delays and agonizing back and forth for what can sometimes be many years.

The cost of our report will vary depending on the project. Prices begin at $1,500 and can be as much as $14,000 for larger, more complex builds or properties with multiple buildings. Factors such as size, complexity of the home, and the type of data and specifications available for the home all go into the cost of your estimate. We can provide “Code Upgrade” only reports, partial reconstruction reports, and full loss reports. We will give you a price quote before signing any contracts. We begin work upon receipt of signed contract and deposit and we can usually have the estimate completed within 4 weeks.

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