BW Builder seeks a few heroes. Specifically, builders that would like to help rebuild their town but not at the expense of the folks who have already lost everything.

We don’t feel like it is right to further damage those in your town that are already suffering.

Public adjusters, lawyers, and others come on with hard sales pitches to disaster survivors. Telling them that they will handle everything. And they might. But at what cost? Usually, 10% or more of the insurance! These guys are charging upwards of $1,000 a page for information you already know and have. You just haven’t been shown how to organize it in a format that will be acceptable to the insurance company.

Why don’t insurance companies care about how many dollars a square foot? It is just too vague. They require details. Details you could care less about as a builder most of the time. But this time is not like most of the time.

We never liked that the main software for this purpose was clunky, expensive, and difficult to learn. We hate that it is also pre-loaded with bad pricing. You’re not going to pay $2,000 to license a software, spend hours to learn it and use it once. No one will. That’s why insurance companies love it.  They figure you’ll never be able to get them the amount of detail they need.

That’s why we created BW Estimator. It is built upon the standard spreadsheet software and anyone in your office that knows Excel will know how to use our spreadsheet.

You’re already paying subs, buying lumber and nails, or having deliveries made. You just don’t keep all that build data in one report you can hand to an insurance adjuster. Our software allows you an easy way to do that. You can then save your estimates as a .pdf and send them to the insurance company. This is the tool your tool belt has been missing – getting paid quickly from insurance companies!

Are you in competition to get a build? Why not offer this service to a disaster victim. That you will accurately track costs and put them in a format the insurance company cannot deny.

It’s free, too. Why? Because we are builders, not software guys. We don’t have the time or inclination to support software. We want more people to do what we have done for Santa Rosa – keep insurance money in the hands of the insured and out of the hands of out-of-town adjusters, lawyers and others looking to make hay from disasters.

If you’re a builder who has found yourself frustrated that insurance companies won’t accept your estimate, you’re in the right place. Join us! Help your town rebuild. Download this software today.

Should you have any trouble using the software, we sell a companion book for only $19.99.  Proceeds from that sale go to benefit United Policyholders.

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