Wondering if you’ll have enough to rebuild your home?

Pre-disaster EstimateDo you know how much it will cost to rebuild your home? Before wildfires began to run wild in Californian, most folks did not have a clear picture. Right now, due to builder shortages and material and labor costs increasing, that your home will cost much more to rebuild it than it would to buy it.

There are many reasons why your homeowner’s insurance policy may not contain enough coverage to rebuild. For the one-time cost of $150, we design a basic estimate that provides you with the current estimated cost to rebuild your home – in the event of a standard loss and what it might look like after a disaster.

We will look at your home online, along with the data you give us, and we will produce a 3-5 page document for you that details our thoughts about rebuilding within 2-3 weeks.

For this type of basic estimate, we will not be visiting your home. This isn’t an estimate intended for anything other than allowing you to demonstrate to an insurance company the potential cost of rebuilding your property. If more detail is required by your company, please phone the office and we can discuss what they might need and see what we can do to provide such data.

This basic estimate will give you an accurate ‘per square foot’ build cost for today. Often, an insurance company is looking at erroneous data and setting coverage limits low. It is our hope that this estimate can give you a tool, from a licensed CA contractor, to assist you in your discussions with insurance companies so you can be sure your home is properly insured.

Because there are so many variations of homes and insurance policies, this report is only intended to provide you with basic data. It cannot be seen as a true estimate derived from building specifications. It is designed to give a property owner a solid idea of the cost to rebuild. You MUST discuss these findings with your insurance agent, legal team or financial adviser to be certain their holdings are properly insured. It is not the responsibility of BW Builder to set your insurance levels and purchasing this estimate will not change your insurance until homeowner discusses their coverage directly with the insurance company. For a more detailed report needed after a disaster or loss, please see our Scope of Loss section.

Get Your Home Rebuild Estimate Today! Only $150!

Get Your Home Rebuild Estimate Today! Only $150!

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