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Fire Damage Estimates in California


How to Prove the Value of Your Loss After a Fire If you have lost your home to a fire, you need help defining the damages. The owners of BW Builder were born in California and have your back when it comes to proving your loss. Our company was born out of the fires that began in Santa Rosa, CA the night of October 8, 2017. We witnessed the tragedy of our friends and neighbors losing everything they owned. We [...]

Fire Damage Estimates in California2024-03-26T09:21:31-07:00

Measure of Indemnity


Why is Measure of Indemnity Important? What the heck is Measure of Indemnity? Or MOI? It is simply a fancy insurance term for the dollar amount of repairs and rebuilding in the language of insurance. This is the most important figure in your entire claim. So, why hasn’t your adjuster even mentioned it? Because it takes away any delay or frustration tactics which work in their favor. If you knew all you had to do is have a building expert [...]

Measure of Indemnity2024-03-26T09:04:35-07:00
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