Defining The Damages


Buy our book, Defining the Damages: The Builder’s Guide to Scope of Loss Reports, for a detailed guide to the insurance claim process after a disaster.

This book is designed to help builders help their neighbors by demystifying the most confusing aspects of the insurance claim process after a disaster. The authors shine a light on the unexpected yet important role builders and contractors can play in helping with an accurate rebuild estimate after a disaster like a wildfire. So many insurance claims get delayed due to homeowners being unable to give their insurance company accurate rebuild cost data in an acceptable format.

Chapter by chapter, the book describes how a builder can create an estimate that victims of a natural disaster can use to prove the cost of their damages. Included are the basics of an acceptable estimate, how to estimate costs of code upgrades, and tips on the most efficient ways builders can help unlock claims stuck because there is a lack of agreement on the cost to rebuild.