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The 411 on Insurance Company Fire Claims Adjusters

The 411 on Insurance Claim Adjusters- Dealing with an insurance claim after wildfire can be a stressful experience. There is significant evidence (look up McKinsey and Allstate) that indicates that frustration might just part of the design at some companies. As policyholders, we expect our insurance claim adjusters to guide us through the process, provide fair compensation, and alleviate the burden of the situation. That might happen. However, if it did, you wouldn't be reading this. Often, the process can [...]

The 411 on Insurance Company Fire Claims Adjusters2023-08-15T21:37:45-08:00

Do You Need a Public Adjuster? Maui

Do You Need a Public Adjuster’s Help - Maui The character in the story “Pinocchio” who tempts the wooden boy and leads him astray is named “Stromboli.” Stromboli is a puppeteer and showman who convinces Pinocchio to join his puppet show, but ultimately imprisons him when all Pinocchio wants is to return home to his father, Geppetto. The fires in Maui weren’t even out last week when property owners in Lahaina began receiving calls from people called public adjusters. Like [...]

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Fire Damage Estimates in Sonoma County and Northern California

You are reading this article because your gut is already telling you that the "friendly" guy who called you the night your home burned down is really a pig at the trough, trying to gorge on your insurance payout without any real intention of helping you get what you deserve – a fair settlement to rebuild. We care about the survivors of California Wildfires. We are born and raised here and lived through the horrific night of October 8, 2017. We [...]

Fire Damage Estimates in Sonoma County and Northern California2022-08-04T16:27:10-08:00

Measure of Indemnity

What the heck is Measure of Indemnity? Or MOI? It is a fancy insurance term for the dollar amount of repairs and rebuilding in the language of insurance. This is the most important figure in your entire claim. So, why hasn’t your adjuster even mentioned it? Because it wrecks their whole game of delays and frustrations. If you knew all you had to do is have a building expert estimate your MOI and then you are in the driver’s seat [...]

Measure of Indemnity2022-08-04T16:20:49-08:00
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