How To Work with Insurance Company Claims Adjusters

You pay your premiums loyally. But suddenly, you file a claim and you’re treated like you are not a good neighbor? Why is dealing with an insurance claim after wildfire so stressful sometimes?

As policyholders, we expect our insurance claim adjusters to guide us through the process. We expect fair compensation. We want help. That’s a basic misconception of what an adjuster’s job is really there to do. They are an employee of the insurance company, first and foremost. It is important to keep that in mind. The frustrations you encounter are not personal.

It’s a Language Thing 

Often, the process is convoluted, frustrating, and confusing. Think of insurance as a language. The adjuster speaks that language. You don’t.  If you are in Japan, and hungry, if you try to read the menu that is written in Japanese, and you don’t speak Japanese, it is going to be difficult to order what you want. Miscommunication due to confusing policy language is the main reason so many misunderstandings occur in the claims process.

Learn to Read Your Policy

You must determine how much you are owed from your coverage. But how to do that if you don’t understand the language used in the policy? The wording regarding policy coverage, claims procedures, and documentation requirements is written by lawyers. For non-native speakers of Insurance Language, understanding insurance terminology and conveying details accurately is next to impossible. Adjusters often refuse to help clarify the policy. They are specifically trained not to ‘interpret’ the policy. Instead, they expect you to find your own translator. This results in delays, frustrations, and potential underpayment of claims. To overcome this hurdle, it’s crucial for claimants to access as much information as available. Learn how to better understand your policy with websites like United Policyholders. They have great information on how to better understand insurance policy language.


In conclusion, while frustrations with insurance claim adjusters is disheartening, there are effective ways to navigate these challenges. Open communication, thorough documentation, research, and persistence are key elements to ensuring a smoother claims process. Remember that your insurance policy is a contract, and you have rights as a policyholder. By advocating for yourself with professionalism, knowledge, and patience, you increase the likelihood of achieving a fair and satisfactory resolution to your insurance claim.