6 Steps: What to Expect for Property Restoration or Repairs

As soon as you become aware of damage to your home or business, and you suspect you have insurance coverage, call your insurance agent or carrier to begin the claims process and allow them to come assess whether it is appropriate to register a claim.

It is important to understand your responsibility under your insurance policy. Any questions that you may have may be addressed with your agent or adjuster if one is assigned to your claim. While we cannot give you insurance advice, we have experienced staff that are expert in all the different homeowner and liability insurance coverages. If we are contracted to do your insurance work we can be a great help to you with this confusing aspect of repairs.

Call BW Builder at 707-595-8912 to schedule an inspection so we may come buy to assess the situation from the standpoint of a builder.

BW Builder’s office business hours are 9am – 4:30pm Monday to Friday. We are not an emergency solution but can refer you to companies we trust. Our services come in once the emergency has been averted, we do the rebuilding.

When your insurance adjuster or the BW Builder estimator arrives at your property, we recommend you walk through your home with them and thoroughly discuss all the affected areas of your home.

We will take pictures and notes of the visually affected areas and if necessary, make notes, and complete a report for you on our recommended next steps.

BW Builder will evaluate the work and any equipment needed to build, rebuild, and will create a complete estimate of the job and present that to you for your review.

The estimate will contain an overview for what we believe the overall cost of the project will be. It is an estimate and at this point, neither party is contractually engaged.

It’s important to be aware that we cannot begin work without having the contract signed by the owner (or owner’s legal agent) of the property or project.

Next, if you then wish to proceed, we will send you a contract to sign and return it to us with a deposit and a proposed start date. Upon your acceptance of the estimate, our team will provide you with a contract. It will need to be reviewed and sign before they can start the work. The contract will include the contracted scope of the project, a start date, and an expected completion date.

During the project, we will communicate with you via email, calls, or text messages. We don’t ever want anyone guessing, so we are in constant communication with you so you know what to expect next.

Once we are engaged by contract, we can begin work on your build project, no matter which type of project you’ve hired us to perform, the contract will stipulate the terms and BW Builder will do our best to build efficiently, show up on time, be there when we say we will be there, and keep lines of communication open and clear so you’re never hit with any surprises.

Few more important things about BW Builder

  • BW Builder keeps excellent records, so that if this build project does pertain to an insurance claim, there will never be any question of work performed. Even if it isn’t insurance related work, having a clear and transparent record keeping makes everyone feel much more comfortable during the building phase.
  • Construction delays, related to supply chain disruptions and Covid are real. We pride ourselves on quality project management but sometimes, there are situations we cannot control. That said, as soon as we find out about a situation causing a delay or change, we let you know right away.
  • BW Builder works clean. Construction is a messy business by nature. That said, each day, the crew works hard to contain dust, dispose of debris, and clean up the work area. Construction sites are also dangerous by nature. We will lead you on any walk throughs needed but never suggest you enter the work site on your own.
  • Depending on the project, construction can take days, weeks, or months. It all depends on the project, the supplies needed, and the use of sub-contractors. As a GC, we have a trusted list of subs we count on for expert and quality work such as electricians, plumbers, and more.