What the heck is Measure of Indemnity? Or MOI? It is a fancy insurance term for the dollar amount of repairs and rebuilding in the language of insurance.

This is the most important figure in your entire claim. So, why hasn’t your adjuster even mentioned it? Because it wrecks their whole game of delays and frustrations. If you knew all you had to do is have a building expert estimate your MOI and then you are in the driver’s seat of your claim, all the misdirection, all the baloney, all the delay tactics are gone. All that is left is whether your estimate holds water.

MOI Explained

It is really very simple. In order to reach a settlement, California Insurance code 2051.5 specifies exactly what is included in your MOI. While our company cannot provide legal or insurance advice, you can see for yourself how clearly the CA Insurance code defines the term –

CA Ins. Code 2051.5 c (2) – Notwithstanding any other law, for a residential property insurance policy, the measure of damages available to a policyholder to use to rebuild or replace the insured home at another location shall be the amount that would have been recoverable had the insured dwelling been rebuilt at its original location, and a deduction for the value of land at the new location shall not be permitted from that measure of damages. However, the measure of indemnity shall not exceed the cost, including the building code upgrade cost and any extended replacement cost coverage, if applicable, to rebuild the insured structure at its original location.

Our reports are compiled by a California-licensed contractor with decades of experience. He just built his own home, right in the heart of the Tubbs Wildfire in Santa Rosa.

We use Xactimate® software, a format insurance companies can understand, or our own proprietary software (BW Estimator) to properly reflect what it will cost to rebuild. Despite our expertise and clarity, insurance companies will still attempt to shoot holes in our numbers. These efforts to malign our estimates always fail. That’s because we build homes and know how to estimate that in California. Every single rebuild estimate we have performed has been accepted by the insurance company. Not a single one has been shown to be inaccurate or unacceptable.

We will only charge a quoted, fixed price that you are fully aware of from the start. No games. No percentages of your insurance. We charge a flat rate, so no one can claim our estimate is inflated. What does the size of your insurance payout have to do with our product? Nothing. That’s why we believe it is grossly unfair to set prices based on your coverage amounts. 

That’s because we keep it simple. We know how insurance policies work, so all their delay tactics are destroyed before they can delay you. We know what they need and what you need – a clear understanding of your MOI. No other builder in California can supply a more accurate, affordable, professional scope of loss report than BW Builder.  

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