You are reading this article because your gut is already telling you that the “friendly” guy who called you the night your home burned down is really a pig at the trough, trying to gorge on your insurance payout without any real intention of helping you get what you deserve – a fair settlement to rebuild.

We care about the survivors of California Wildfires. We are born and raised here and lived through the horrific night of October 8, 2017. We saw our friends and neighbors lose everything they own. We started doing estimates to help them. We have given away hundreds of hours of free education. We’ve written a book on how builders can help their clients through this and given the proceeds to charity. We literally gave our secrets away in the book. Why? Because this is a tragedy that has befallen you, not a lottery for public adjusters and lawyers who all know you have insurance cash and often lack the knowledge needed to navigate this crazy world.

If you need help navigating how to rebuild after a wildfire, free education on how the insurance process works, or how to get started rebuilding your home, we are the builder for you.

First Step – An Accurate Estimate

It all starts with a competent and accurate wildfire rebuild estimate of the rebuild. This is also known as a scope of loss report. The insurance company needs to know what it will cost to rebuild the home. That’s fair. Asking for it in such a complicated format? We think that is unfair. But are we going to change how insurance companies act? Better to just give them the data they need in a format they can read.

Our team will perform an evaluation of the damages and answer all your questions. Then, we give you the estimate you need to complete your claim.

We have a very thorough process that utilizes modern technology to determine what you need and then build the right estimate to suit. We build each scope of loss report individually. That’s because every home is unique. Even tract homes are modified and changed through the years. Because we are licensed to build in California, our estimate carries legal and technical superiority over any estimate from an insurance adjuster or public adjuster, or anyone else formulating an estimate that has never built a home. If you’re wondering whether someone can properly estimate for you, just ask them one question “When is the last time you built a home in California?”

BW Builder is a fully licensed and insured builder based in Santa Rosa. We perform wildfire rebuilding estimates throughout California.

Call us at 707-595-8912 or fill out the form here to get started. We will get back to you within one business day.